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The Pickett Stripe

Updated: Jun 4

We arrived in Mallorca, from Scotland several years ago, the whole family, five Children, Boyfriend of eldest daughter, Dog, Kitchen Sink etc. and some of our finer Antiques that we could not bare to part with via the Auction House in Edinburgh,

Secreted into our treasure trove was a small piece of Antique Striped Linen, that we had saved seveal years earlier, we had not really used it on much, some clothing, some antique Howard and Sons of London Stools and not much else.

We decided to reproduce this last year after speaking with a Local Run Family Business here on the island and set in motion a plan to name and launch the textile as our very own, i know i know, its only striped textile and we cannot take the plaudits for inventing it but we can certainly claim to have firmly adopted it into our stock and now sell this by the metre in varying sized stripes and tones all produced on naturally hand Dyed Woven Linen that we can present to you. Subsequently we have shipped this Linen all over the world, here is the story of the making and uses of this textile.

The Pickett Stripe Grande, The Pickett Stripe Pequana, and lastly the Pickett Stripe Faded are all available to purchase directly from our website per Metre. The Textiles start at 50 euros per metre and can be shipped directlty to you anywhere in the world. The width of the Textile is Grande 1.7mtr width, Pequena is .60cm and the faded is 1.2mtr wide.

Please see the upcoming Blog withb regards to the launch and advertsing we have carried out to help thjis product get to you via our website.

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