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Children of the Stix

We are so blessed living in a beautiful part of the world in the Mountains of Mallorca, we deided to have a fun photo shoot to launh our new store in the village of Deia. Inspirstion was definitely heavily influenced by the True Detective Netflix Classic series with Woody Harleson and Mathew Mccconnachy.

The Location for the Shoot was Son Beltran, a super special place for those in the know, a short hop along the coastline from Deia. Super tricky to access with Props, Children, Cushions and Picnic Mattreses all manufactured for the shoot with the Stick Mobiles hanging in the tree´s and on the ground. Used toward off evel spirits, we saw none that day.

It was super windy and well the antique dresses and textiles worked really well and in thw wind we were blown from pillar to post. All in all we captured one the best shoots ever that we have used on marketing poasters and websites for some time. All in All another great bit of fun for the whole family, which of course anyone that knows us, can vouch that this is one of the main things that we hold above most other things. Here is the image below that we have used many times.

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