Olive Tree House & Mallorquin Canopy's

Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 19:52

Photo Shoot - Monastery Miramar- Mallorca

 Somewhere in the Traumantana Mountains with the Team, Kids, Twins and our Dog George plus Greta our Italian Model who has flown over from Milan for a few days to help pull this whole thing off.  The summer sun beating down shaded by the Olive & Citrus Groves we transformed the oldest tree on the terrace to make a spectacular tree house.

The Treehouse being an ancient Olive Tree, that has been here for a very long time 700 years or so when the Moors inhabited this land and of course laterly the Monks of Miramar. The Kids are the new Monks who sit in the tree for hours staring out to sea at the Sail Boats and Gin Palace Motor Homes that swing past, changed days from the time this land was formed but really not in so every way.

 We have a unique pile of clothes inherited from an old French House in the centre of the gorgoues village of Deia, very vintage and very fitting for our days ahead, thank you to the Donators!  

 The Sierra De Traumontana is UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a trully magical place where the very concentration of positive energy that Mother Earth seeps into the atmosphere of every part of this spectacular mountain range is felt by even the briefest of travellers, locals or passers by.

We have been blessed with the location between Valdemossa and Deia at Miramar in front of the Fountain of one of Mallorca's greatest scholers Ramon Lull, A Catalan Monk that was responsible for the first Catalan Novel in th 13th Century.  He was also tasked by thr Spanish King Juame to establish the first School of Islamic Study as well as Christian Teachings at the Monastery at Miramar.   Part of his studies brought him to live for nine years in solitude in a cave up Mountain, only 100 yards from where we are shooting today and his use of the Fountain that was a year round supply of fresh drinking water. Very Special Indeed.

After the Shoot the Kids loved having a walk up the Mountain to the Cave's and the make shift temples for the Sunsets and Sunrise.

There is a great energy at Sa Font De Ramon Lull, the views over the Med North to Barcelona are very Special, The Mountain in the background makes this a great place to hang around taking photo's of some great local antique fabrics we have sourced, including Locally Porduced Soller Fabrics, Some Traditional Spanish Ticking and of course these wonderful local Mallorquin bed canopies.

Massive Thanks to the Star of the Show George Pickett Argent Hussey Clarke our beloved Silly Basset and of course our Italian Model for the day Greta the Great.